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Welcome to the American Sodablasting Association™ Website

We are an organization serving our membership and the public at large with information and resources pertaining to the uses and benefits of Sodablasting technology. This is a dynamic site with new information added regularly. Our member participation is key to providing the latest information regarding the issues of the industry. Our Association does not sell to the industry but rather showcases products, services and best practices that will assist our membership.

It has come to our attention that some blasting contractors are advertising sodablasting but actually blast with Glass or some other material that is not sodium bicarbonate. If you have fallen victim to one of these unscrupulous practices, please let us know. We are not interested in hearing about people blasting materials other than soda, only those that advertise sodablasting or have sodablaster in their name and don’t regularly provide the service.

Please email us any information you think might be helpful to our members and we will take appropriate action to see consideration is given. To join the American Sodablasting Association email us at:


Call 202-239-2811

Thanks to all you who have provided information and photos and contributed to making this association possible and a special thanks to Stripco, Inc. for providing the web hosting infrastructure.