Soda Blast Media

It goes without saying that a Soda blaster is not much good without Sodablast Media to go in it. FInding a good source of Sodablast Media close to you can be a challenge. It can make a significant difference in your bottom line. The American Sodablasting Association is here to help our membership get the best price on the highest quality sodablast media closest to where it is needed.

Soda Blast Media Manufacturers / Suppliers in Alphabetical order.

Church & Dwight / Arm & Hammer
Natural Soda

If you are buying real sodium bicarbonate or baking soda, no matter what it says on the bag, it is coming from one of the sources above.

Church & Dwight has the Armex Brand for its soda blast media. They formulate various blends of soda with flow additives to make the soda flow more easily. Their profile formula is mixed with aluminum oxide to allow for a profile to be created in the metal. To use the profile formula, check with your blast pot manufacturer to make certain your system can handle the hard abrasive mix.

FMC sells their product for private label. You may find it under the soda clean label as well as others. They take a standard No. 5 granular sodium bicarbonate and blend in flow additives to make it flow more easily. Flow additives are necessary for a standard No. 5 product to flow well.

Natrium sells their product under their own brand through distributors only. Their soda has a large enough average particle size (150 Micron to 300 Micron) that it does not require flow additives to be free flowing.

Natural Soda began producing a large granular soda crystal for soda blasting within the 3 last year and has teamed up with Stripco, Inc. to bring it to market. With an average particle size (200 Micron to 400 Micron), it is considerably larger than a standard No. 5 granular and does not require additives to be free flowing. Their 350 to 400 Micron product is the largest on the market.

Solvay is a large chemical company that produces a No. 5 sodium bicarbonate but to our knowledge does not market the product to the blast industry nor does it include the flow additives that would be required for the product to flow from a blaster. They are included on our list because they do manufacture sodium bicarbonate.

Since we are an industry organization, we use the buying power of our membership to get our members the best price possible. Soda specifications can be very confusing. Some sodablast medias have flow agents, some do not. One thing is for certain, everyone claims to have the best. We analyze the technical data on particle size, purity and crystal effectiveness. If you would like a recommendation on which product will be most efficient for your application as well as where you might look to obtain it, please feel free to contact us.

It is worth noting that all of the above suppliers use a synthetic method of manufacturing sodium bicarbonate developed in the 1800’s by the Solvay company. The Solvay method involves using a mined Soda Ash and combining it with heated CO2 to create sodium bicarbonate. While soda ash is in plentiful supply in Green River Wyoming, the cost to acquire soda ash and transport it to a manufacturing facility can be very volatile. This is to say nothing of the cost of CO2 and the energy, typically natural gas, required to make Sodium Bicarbonate. For more on the Solvay method see

The only exception to this is
The Natural Soda Company which solution mines naturally occurring sodium bicarbonate 2,000 feet under the ground in Colorado and crystalizes the product to its desired size on the surface. They have proven reserves of over 5,000,000 Ton available and the infrastructure in place to recover it.

The American Sodablasting Association has negotiated special pricing for our members from major suppliers of sodablast media. Let us help you make the most of your soda blasting business by obtaining high quality sodablast media for less.

If you are a supplier of Sodablast Media and would like to be used as a source by our membership, feel free to contact us. You may also consider us as an excellent resource to dispose of any excess inventory you may have. By assisting suppliers, consumers and soda blasting providers, we can support our Association’s Mission.

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